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AFP-BP Floor Stand Fan Base Plate

The AFP-BP Fan Base Plate provides and creates a non movable base for the AFP Series. This is ideal if the AFP Series configuration –  should not not be moved out of its position. For public use its footprint can be minimized and then mounted to the floor. This is highly suitable in public areas where safety is of highest importance.

Suitable for 50mm diameter poles – AFC-1500P and AFC-800P.


SKU: 0700721642427 Category:
Model: AFP-BP
Material: Steel
Colour: Black
Surface Finish: Powder coating
Weight:  18.3kg
Measurements 810.0×501.7.0x610 mm (Sides)
Warranty: 5 years
Retail Package Specification
Package Parcels: 1 pcs
Package Measurements: 83.0×63.0x18.3 cm
Package Weight: 19.6 kg