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Case Studies

BP Fernhill Coffee Time​

Jasbe Petroleum wants to replace their old digital signage systems with larger screen sizes, however the limited spaces needs to build screens parallel and next to each other.

Aurora Mounts provides 4 x 1 wall mounting kit as a mounting solution. The installation only takes 2.5 hours and the result is perfect.

Elastic Café, as one of the most well know Melbourne cafe shop, approached Aurora Mounts as the to supply and design their mounting solution.

We provided the AMB3-T400 3 X 1 layout mounting kit as a  easy-leveling mounting solution. The installation time reduced from one day to only half day and also reduced the installation cost to 2/3.

Aurora Mounts provide pole mount solutions, which can be used for window display mounting projects.

The Cassia Cafe is using the floor-to-ceiling pole mount for their entrance window display, Aurora Mounts pole mounting solution can fit for any pole mount project with no height limit.

This mounting solution provides the capacity to handle 50kg screen for each side and with a tilt mounting arm to provide the ability to easy adjustment of screen angles.


Seoul Food is one of the most tasty Korean Restaurant in Sydney, as they would like to replace their menu board from poster to digital signage, they are facing the problem with leveling three menu board with ceiling mount solution.

They have reached us, Aurora Mounts to design the solution with ceiling mount, and with the solution, we have reduced the installation from two days to only one day and with a perfect result in the end.